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FORMATION : Executive Master in Marketing & Creativity

Durée: 16-month, part-time programme that can be combined with existing employment / Lieu: Londres

The EMMK offers all the elements of a high-level Executive Master in Marketing, combined with an innovative approach which places creativity at its very core. It combines a series of key modules with group work and innovative Creative Industry Seminars involving corporate partner organisations.

Training programme : Digital Marketing

Duration : 11 days – in partnership with  CCM Benchmark – Location : Paris


Acquire an overall view of digital evolution and new trends

• Define the role of digital media in your marketing-communication strategy
• Know how to adapt it to objectives and KPIs
• Define Internet methods (web, social media, mobile)
• Master the operational fundamentals of each subject
• Choose the right tools and providers
• Ensure the operational management of your actions

Participants :

• This programme is designed for people managing and developing their brand visibility and/or their products/services online.
• This programme is for people who do not master the techniques of e-marketing in depth. However, it requires a basic knowledge of marketing principles.