Innovation + Sustainable development = New Business Models

Acosta, Pilar; Acquier, Aurélien; Carbone, Valentina; Delbard, Olivier; Julie Fabbri; Gitiaux, Florent; Delphine Manceau; Ronge, Catherine
Study conducted by the Institute for Innovation and Competitiveness i7 at ESCP Europe and weaveAIR, a consulting firm The current economic and social environment is characterised by two major preoccupations: the growing attention paid to sustainable development issues and the desire to build companies’ capacity for innovation, which is seen as an essential driver of competitiveness. These two questions are often analysed independently.
5 Jun 2013

Open Innovation: What's Behind the Buzzword?

Delphine Manceau; Valérie Moatti; Julie Fabbri; Pierre-François Kaltenbach; Line Bagger-Hansen
In the current context of intensified competition, accelerated globalization and economic downturn, many companies are opening their innovation processes by integrating a large pool of partners - individuals, companies, research labs and public structures - in order to innovate more and faster. ‘Open Innovation’ is now a real buzzword that many companies and academics constantly refer to.
2 Apr 2012