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The objective of the Institute: contribute to the transition into a society of innovation

The Institute for Innovation and Competitiveness was born in 2011 at ESCP Europe as a result of a report published a few years earlier (Manceau and Morand, 2009) which encouraged public and private decision-makers to adopt an "expanded vision" of innovation. For us, the challenge of competitiveness can only be won today by a transformation into a truly innovative society in advanced economies such as France, and more generally those of European countries. What do we mean? That innovation is far from being confined to state and private laboratories and research centres; it originates and only takes on real meaning with usage and practice; in all its complexity it involves individuals, organisations and institutions on all levels; and finally, above all, that it can grow and spread throughout the economy if it is supported by a true collective culture of risk and foresight.
Productive thought on innovation cannot be conformist or routine; this means above all that innovation must be demonstrated in thinking. The aim of the Institute is to provide a place for reflection and discussion where academics and public and private decision-makers meet to rethink the nature of an innovative society and the action levers necessary for its emergence on the competitive global stage. 

To rethink the nature of an innovative society, the Institute follows three main lines of reflection: 

Rethinking innovation policies 
Achieving innovation in society means overcoming the challenges of R & D. It is understanding that this is primarily a question of new regulations. In society, know how, knowledge and new technologies cannot remain in stagnant sectors and professions. People and ideas must be able to mutate according to the opportunities they create. One must be as open as possible and look for connections which create opportunities – openings, both geographical and technological.
Rethinking innovation in business models
Many organisations put innovation their strategic priorities for development. Few actually go beyond mere words. However, achieving innovation in organisations and placing it at the heart of strategy, is to rethink business models in depth and the potential to create value to move towards open ecosystems. For innovation to generate performance and growth, it is necessary to rethink the means of deployment. 
Rethinking human capital and new ways of innovating
If innovation is based on creativity, entrepreneurship and risk taking, it would be unrealistic to think that these factors emerge spontaneously. The creation of human capital which stimulates innovation must come from a deliberate policy of transformation of management practices. This implies firstly that the management is innovative itself in order to be able to generate innovative human capital. For individuals to generate innovative capacity, it is necessary to rethink its creative process.

The main activities of the Institute i7

  • Work with and for companies (reports, case studies, articles ...) on major topics related to innovation and competitiveness (confidential documents)
  • Research on a European level (reports, case studies, articles ...) on major topics related to innovation and competitiveness (e.g. open innovation, new business models ...)
  • The presence of the Institute i7 in the media and participation in public debate
  • Initial and continuing education training programmes on various ESCP Europe campuses (Paris, London, Berlin, Madrid and Turin)
  • The organisation of meetings and exchanges between small and large companies in various sectors, academics and students from different disciplines and representatives of local, national and European authorities
  • Recommendations from professional and public bodies on the basis of the i7 Institute research and policy papers