Why support Institute i7 ?

For companies involved in innovation, it is important that a place for debate and proposals on these issues may develop in the public sphere so that our society truly meets the challenge of innovation.
The i7 Institute enables its participants to co-invest in their own human capital by participating directly in its discussions and working with experts from ESCP Europe.
The Institute i7 may collaboratively support efforts for innovation and business transformation by providing a real back office for its members.

How to join the Institute

There are several different types of membership which vary depending on the contact and interaction desired. All members contribute to the orientation of the annual working themes of the Institute. They also enjoy privileged access to events organised by the Institute and flagship ESCP Europe events.
There are tax benefits for membership: in France a 60% reduction in corporation tax to a maximum of 0.5% of turnover.

More information: contact i7 institute