The Institute for Innovation and Competitiveness comes from the report Morand Manceau "For a new vision of Innovation" (La Documentation française, rapport officiel, avril 2009). The report demonstrates the need to intensify the innovative capabilities of European businesses, underlining the necessity of adopting a broader vision of innovation and implementing public policies to that end.


Officially opened on January 11th 2011, the Institute for Innovation and Competitiveness i7 was created and supported by two complementary organizations: ESCP Europe, the oldest Business School in the world, and Foundation Europe+, a Think Tank about European attractiveness and competitiveness.

Extract from speech from Christine Lagarde, Ministre de l'Économie, des Finances et de l'Industrie, sponsor of the i7 Institute inauguration:

« I would like to encourage you and tell you how the French government wants to support this approach. In the race for innovation, if France wants to keep one step ahead, if it wants to maintain its competitiveness, it is through innovation that it will succeed, through a collective effort between companies which work more together and public policy makers who are at the service of research. »


The first report by the the Institute for Innovation and Competitiveness, entitled "Open Innovation: What's Behind the Buzzword?", was revealed on November 22nd 2011in front of Pascal Morand (Dean at ESCP Europe), Pierre-François Kaltenbach (Partner, Operations Lead Europe, Accenture Management Consulting) and Delphine Manceau (CEO of i7 Institute). 


Some prestigious guests debated during the round table: Jean-Luc Beylat (President of Alcatel Lucent Bell Labs France,  President of Systematic cluster), Graham Cross (Director of Supplier Innovation and Innovation Acceleration, Unilever) et Dario Liguti (Director Marketing France, GE Corporate).




The Institute for Innovation and Competitiveness keeps working and is preparing a new report about "Sustainable Innovation" in collaboration with weaveAIR.


A new i7 report is written by Régis Coeurderoy and Sophie Bacq

Born Global, l'international au coeur de l'entrepreneuriat



May 2013

Publication of “Quelle place pour l'énergie éolienne dans la transition énergétique ? Une analyse des enjeux de la filière industrielle de l'éolien en matière d'innovation, de compétitivité et d'emploi. »

written by Pascal Morand and Julie Bastianutti


June 2013

Publication of « Innovation + Développement Durable = Nouveaux Business Models. » written by Pilar Acosta, Aurélien Acquier, Vanetina Carbone, Olivier Delbard, Julie Fabbri, Florent Gitiaux, Delphine Manceau and Catherine Ronge


June 2013

BNP Paribas Corporate & Institutional Banking (CIB) and ESCP Europe, in partnership with i7, the Institute for Innovation and Competitiveness and ESCP Europe Foundation, created the European Chair of education and research “Financial Transformation and Innovation” in June 2013.


September 2013

Régis Coeurderoy is designated as i7 director.



Lectra created the Fashion and Technology Chair with ESCP Europe. The inauguration took place on February 6, 2014.

Lectra and ESCP Europe started collaborating in 2011 with the establishment of i7, the Institute for Innovation and Competitiveness, of which Lectra is a founding member. The Fashion and Technology Chair is the next step in this cooperation and intends to create a joint center for teaching, passing on expertise and research, with an emphasis on the interaction between technology and innovation.

The new Lectra-ESCP Europe Chair is positioned at the crossroads of innovation and research. The Chair’s aim will be to develop and convey knowledge based on innovations within the fashion and luxury sectors, thanks to cutting-edge technologies.


Several studies projects :

Studie "The new business models of IoT"  - Emmanuel Jouanne and Régis Coeurderoy (undisclosed)

Studie on Innovation culture -  Emmanuel Maurel (in progress)

Studie : “Corporate innovation and market globalization: Dangerous liaisons in a risky world?” by Prof. Regis Coeurderoy ESCP Europe, Paris Campus et Prof. Stephan Schmid ESCP Europe, Berlin Campus (in progress)

Studie « Champions européens de la croissance : quels Management Models? »  in partnership with Oliver Wyman consultancy (in progress)

Studie "Institutional Funding Versus Private Equity: the Financing of Nano-based Products and Services" (in progress)- Claire Auplat (Novancia Business School), Régis Coeurderoy (ESCP Europe), Anna Glaser (Novancia Business School), Emmanuel Frémiot (Novancia Business School), Marie-Cécile Drain (Novancia Business School)

Research articles :

-      Manceau Delphine et Morand Pascal, « A few arguments in favor of a holistic approach to innovation in economics and management », Journal of Innovation Economics & Management, 2014/3 n°15, p. 101-115.

-      Manceau D., Kaltenbach P.-F., Bagger-Hansen L., Moatti V., Fabbri “Leveraging external collaboration to foster creativity: how open innovation is implemented ", avec Julie Fabbri, Delphine Manceau,  Pierre-François Kaltenbach et Line Bagger-Hansen, CIM, en cours de révision (octobre 2014)

-      Coeurderoy R., N. Guilmot., A. Vas., (2014), Explaining factors affecting technological change adoption: A survival analysis of an information system implementation, Management Decision (forthcoming) – rang 2 ESCP list

-      Acosta P, Acquier A, Carbone V, Delbard O, Fabbri J, Gitiaux F, et al. « Les business models du développement durable ». L'Expansion Management Review. 2014