About i7 Institute

The i7 Institute for Innovation and Competitiveness is a European Academic Think Tank which aims at promoting a broad vision of innovation and competitiveness and stimulating the development of present practices and corporate interests related to innovation and competitiveness.

With a strong academic anchorage and in close relation to the firms, it contributes to enhance creation, dissemination and exchange of innovation knowledge between three types of actors - academics, firms and public policy makers - to stimulate the innovative capacity of European companies and economies. Also, it aims at promoting a new vision of competitiveness beyond the price arena and at connecting national and corporate competitiveness.

Created and supported by ESCP Europe, the i7 Institute, founded by Pascal Morand and Delphine Manceau and now leaded by Régis Coeurderoy, is an open place for producing and broadcasting knowledge on innovation and competitiveness:

  • Transverse
  • European
  • High academic level
  • Close to the business reality
  • Source of proposal for public policy

The i7 Institute is different from other places of reflection on innovation and competitiveness through its mission to influence public policies that foster innovation, and cross-disciplinary and international ambition to build bridges between the different disciplines of management, design, law and economics.

  • Inauguration Institut i7
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